DuraMedical’s manufacturing process is capable of producing continuous long lengths of latex sheetings. The sheets are soft and smooth which are of high elasticity with good tensile strength properties. The manufactured sheets come in a wide range of appealing bright colours.

Latex Sheets in bulk are available. We can also cut sheets according to customer requirements.

 PRODUCTS  Available in rolls of long length sheeting.
 Sheeting thickness available : 0.07 ~ 0.50 mm.
 DuraMedical's latex sheeting have high tensile strength (over 24.0
 MPa or 4000 psi) and ultimate Elongation (over 700%). The
 sheeting are processed to ensure they have a minimal powder
 residues and extractable protein contents. Latex sheeting also
 act as good protective barriers against undesirable contaminants.
 APPLICATION  The application for latex sheeting are wide ranging. Its high
 strength, bright colours and good barrier properties have resulted
 in it finding uses in the medical, sports, industrial and fashion
 clothing industry. The soft, smooth, flexible, and multicoloured
 attributes of latex sheetings offer possibilities for them to be used
 in new and unconventional application.

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